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Featuring all the members of the MIAMI SOUND MACHINE, and now for the first time ever, with JON SECADA !!


WE DO IT ALL - playing all the hits from our history with Gloria Estefan and MORE! Contact us about your event NOW!

Band Blog Entries


We just posted pictures from recent concerts with The Sound Machine and also with Gloria Estefan.  Good stuff!

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Where’s Gloria – and aren’t you “MIAMI SOUND MACHINE”??

I just KNEW you’d ask: We have been, and ARE the MIAMI SOUND MACHINE – some of us since 1985 – over 26 years!  Gloria calls us MIAMI SOUND MACHINE, and we honor that by using that name when we perform with her! “The Sound Machine” is the name we use when we perform without Gloria Estefan. “THE SOUND...

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Aren’t Jorge Casas and Teddy Mulet in the band? Why aren’t they in the video??

I know that some of you know the members of the band and would ask this one! YES, YES, YES. Jorge and Teddy are absolutely in the band.  Jorge has been the musical director of the band for 25 years, and Teddy has been with us longer than anyone at 26 years! They were both on tour at the time of the video shoot and all the arrangements had already...

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